Acquire Fine Art Photographs

For acquisitions, contact Edward Hebert, Director
A Gallery for Fine Photography
241 Chartres St. New Orleans, LA

Most of the images from the States of Grace series are captured, layered and printed digitally with archival pigment ink on vellum. White gold, 24k gold, or silver leaf is then applied to the back of the print, creating a silken sheen on the print’s surface. Throughout history, civilizations have prized the use of precious metals for their beauty and sanctity. The leafing process highlights the intrinsic value of the subjects with the implied spirituality of the gold. The perception of luminosity varies as the viewer’s position and ambient light change.

Within the limited edition, the prints may differ in color or texture, and, as the effect of gilding inherently varies, each of the prints is unique.

Pigment Ink with 24k Gold, White Gold or Silver Leaf
Signed & Numbered.
Variable editions of 10 and 2 artist proofs.
8.5 x 11
12.5 x 18
Image treatment may vary from print to print, and as each is hand-gilded, every print is unique.

A series of 5 large, custom prints is available by commission on fiber or metallic paper.

Metallic, Watercolor, Aluminum
Signed & Numbered.
Editions are limited to 5-25 images (Latest editions number 5).

Hand-Painted Photographs
Signed & Numbered.
Very few versions exist of each hand-painted photograph. Though the editions are limited to ten signed prints, only a few images have more than five versions. As each version is hand-painted, every photograph is unique.
Limited edition archival pigment prints are available of a few of these images.

Polaroid Transfers
Signed & Numbered.
Although each image is limited to 10 each size, only a few exist of most images.
Every image is unique. Very few originals are available.
Limited edition archival pigment prints are available of several of these images.